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Concerend student of I. M. T Enugu speaks on massive E. M. C bookings

On the issue of massive bookings on exams misconduct from the Institute of management and technology Enugu. A concerned student expressed himself urging the SUG to live up to the reasons to which they were voted for. He wrote :

Pls I say this out because of how I feel & how it pains me it has grown to be a point of concern & a question that is seriously begging for answers in the mind of some distinguished students of IMT. This issue of EMC bookings due to non payments/changing to receipts of sanitation and journal is totally inhuman and unacceptable & calls for a total condemnation, opposition & rejection from any well meaning  S.U.G that has the interest of the students at heart in any institution of higher learning. I don't know what the current S.U.G is doing about this or weather they have started talking any action against this inhuman act that the school management is perpetrating upon its students. I want to categorically state that it is high time the S.U.G president & his officials which are the representatives & the mouth piece of the IMT students at large stands up to their feet and to protect the interest of the students which they were elected & sworn in to protect. Pls help in disseminating this piece of information so it get to the right people.✍🏻 written by a concerned student.
What do you as a student of IMT enugu has to say about this massive bookings?
Share this posts until it gets to the school management.  
Concerend student of I. M. T Enugu speaks on massive E. M. C bookings Reviewed by Uchenna Ebuka on October 09, 2017 Rating: 5
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