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Another bomb blasts in maiduguri checkpoint

A suicide bomber supposed to be Boko Haram member has attacked the main checkpoint on the suburbs of the Borno state capital, Maiduguri on July 13, Monday.

According to military sources an explosive device have been buried very close to a checkpoint.
A witness said the blast happened at Njimtilo, a village several kilometres to the gate of Maiduguri, where soldiers, customs and immigration officers, police and members of the civilian-JTF base one of  the biggest checkpoints in the city.

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“The blast occurred at 12:30pm at the Njimtilo checkpoint; no one was reported dead but some Civilian-JTF members were injured,” said a police officer.
“It was not a suicide bomb from what I observed. I guess the bomb was either buried or dropped near the place.”

A JTF member at the scene said that suicide attacker was in the bus.
He added that after passengers had left it, the driver drove forward to another check point in the southwest of Maiduguri where the bomb exploded. One civilian lost his life while three others were injured.

Since President Muhammadu Buhari’s took the office on May 29, there has been a rise in the number of attacks and bombings across Nigeris, especially in Borno state.

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Buhari and his regional allies are setting up the headquarters of a multinational Joint Task Force in Chad’s capital dedicated to dealing with the six-year old insurgency.

More than 400 Nigerians have been reportedly killed and hundreds injured for the past 15 days.
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