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Akpors is not foolish in this situation,laugh and forget your name while laughing

Akpors enters a barber shop. The barber whispers to his customer: BARBER: This is the dumbest boy in the world. Watch while I prove it to you. The barber puts a N50 note in one hand and two N10 notes in the other, then calls Akpors and says: BARBER: Which do you want, boy? Akpos takes the two N10 notes and leaves. The barber turned to his customer and said, you see, I told you he is really dumb. CUSTOMER: Well I’m guessing he is just a little confused now, he can’t make that mistake twice. BARBER: I really doubt it, just wait and I will prove it to you again. (The barber calls Akpors back into the store one more time and offers him the same deal, once again to the surprise of the customer, Akpors picked the 2 N10 notes instead of the N50 note). BARBER: What did I tell you? Akpos never learns! Minutes later, when the customer left, he sees Akpors coming out of the ice cream store. CUSTOMER: Akpors, May I ask you a question? You are obviously old enough to know that 2 N10 notes make up N20 which is less than N50, why do you keep picking the N10 notes instead? Akpors smiles and says: That barber is always so eager to prove to customers that I am dumb that everyday I get money for ice-cream from his little game. The day I take the fifty naira note, the game will definitely be over, so it’s better I act stupid and collect N20 everyday.
Akpors is not foolish in this situation,laugh and forget your name while laughing Reviewed by Uchenna Ebuka on May 12, 2015 Rating: 5
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